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Botswana is a game viewing destination like no other, with wildly diverse habitats and a famously large population of elephants. Each region offers something unique in terms of wildlife.


Moremi and Savute are renowned for their abundance of predators. Lion, leopard, cheetah, wild dog, and spotted and brown hyena, are some of the top predator species that are frequently seen hot on the heels of the herbivores. The great Nile crocodiles lurk in the waters, too.

The Kalahari is where you'll find the black-maned lion, and the endangered cheetah. Leopards roam throughout the country, unhindered by game park barriers and seeking a life of solitude. The incredible predator interaction of the dry season in Savute is famous, and for good reason.


Botswana is a wildlife paradise, with elephants roaming in high numbers, hippos occupying every waterway, buffalo gathering en masse to drink from the waterholes, zebra migrations, red lechwe bounding through rivers, giraffe touching the tree tops, and warthogs shovelling the earth. 

Chobe National Park is famous for its elephants, while the Makgadikgadi's Boteti River is flocked with migrating zebra just before the rains. The Delta's waters are full of hippo pods, making boating safaris very exciting.


The birdlife in Botswana is no exception to the fantastic collection of wild creatures that call this country home. The many waterways of the Okavango Delta and Moremi, and of course the Chobe River create a habitat for many water birds, while raptors soar overhead, and melodious larks disguise themselves in the scrub. 

African skimmers are some of the birder's top spots, while rare wattled cranes make for very special sightings indeed. Various kingfishers and bee-eaters offer flecks of colour to water-rich regions, and the enormous kori bustard adorns the dry plains of the Savuti and Kalahari.

Top Wildlife Moments at John Chase Safaris

Safari Experience in the Chobe National Park

What to expect while on safari with John Chase Safaris, leaders in the Botswana "glamping" experience !

Lioness goes for a stroll

Guests encountered this beautiful lioness going about her business in the Chobe National Park close to the riverfront.

Lions vs Buffalo on Chobe River

Visiting Chobe during the rainy season might mean that you get rained on while out on game drive, but it also means that sightings like this one are enjoyed exclusively.

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